Is Colour Prediction Game legal in India?

In this current time the craze of color prediction games in peak. Also, you heard that people earn a good amount of money from this type of platform. But one thing is that the legality factor is very bothering people, so here is the answer.

Colour prediction game legal or illegal in India

In India Color prediction games is illegal, The government does not allow to playing of color prediction games in India so the color prediction games are not available in the Google Play Store and App Store.

The government thinks that color prediction is based on probability factors and it is not on skill factors so for this reason color prediction will be banned in India.

Color Prediction Game Real or Fake

Yes, color prediction games are real gaming applications but in the current time, the craze for color prediction has increased So different types of fraud people create clone types of websites and take money from innocent people.

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Also, there is no specific way to know whether the application is real or fake. So you just play this type of platform that is trusted and running for years.

Are Prediction Games Gambling?

The prediction game is gambling or not it is vary upon country to country. In India, the color prediction game comes under gambling because the government thinks in this game any skill is not required you just choose one as your mind says. 

Also, another country permits to play this type of game, which they think is a pure probability-based game.

What is the punishment for gambling?

Punishment for gambling in every country is very hard. You pay a large amount of fine if you are caught in gambling-related cases you go up to 4 years of jail.

Also, passports and visas will be banned in other countries, and the government will block your other daily use cards like credit and debit cards.


So you get the best overview of the color prediction game and its reality. If you want then you go forward and play. Also,  the disadvantage we discuss, keep a look at it.

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